DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist - Renegades of Rhythm Tour

12:18 PM


Two of the most storied DJs in the game have teamed up to pay tribute to Hip-Hop legend and Universal Zulu Nation founder, Afrika Bambaataa.  Bambaataa is credited with being the father of electro-funk and influenced the development of Hip Hop as a whole.

DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist have been given special access to Bambaataa's historic 40,000+ record collection, which is now housed Cornell University.  They are spinning HIS records, not the same records, THE records that helped birth the art of DJing.  I think DJ Shadow said it best...  “This has never been done before, definitely not on this scale. They’re HIS records, with his blessings. This isn’t just ANY copy of ‘X’ breakbeat, it’s THE copy, THE copy that started everything. Not just any records, the MASTER OF RECORDS’ records.” – DJ Shadow.

With the tour already underway, opportunities to check out this amazing show are disappearing fast.  They will be making a Minneapolis stop on Wednesday September 24th at the Skyway Theatre.  Grab your tickets now, because they are going to be gone before you know it.

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