A weekend of White Iron Band and some other bands

9:00 AM

It may be no surprise to you that we here at MN Underground are fans of the White Iron Band.  Minnesota's own honky-tonk country rock band throws down some of the most entertaining live music in town, in our humble opinion.  Well, over the last few days they played two shows that any band could be proud of.  Opening up for Shooter Jennings on Friday night then coming back on Saturday to open for Lynyrd Skynyrd.  Two huge names in two days, nicely done guys.

Friday Night:

Our crew piled in the car and headed west, out to the Medina Entertainment Center and ready to get our country rock on.  If you are a fan of this genre at all, how could you not be pumped for this show???  White Iron got things started off in their usual fashion, high energy to the point where your body can not fight the urge to move.  Dancing to this band is not optional, it just happens.  With the crowd feeling the vibe and filling up the dance floor, they more than fulfilled their duties opening up for Waymore's Outlaws and eventually Shooter.  

With members of Waylon Jenning's original band, Wymore's Outlaws did not disappoint either. Featuring Richie Albright, Waylon's original drummer, bassist Jerry "Jigger" Bridges, and steel guitarist Fred Newell as well as lead guitarist and singer Tommy Townsend, the country rock heritage on stage was obvious.  Building up to Waylon's son Shooter Jennings and his band closing out the night, it was an overload of Waylon's brand of Outlaw Country unlike any show we have seen in a VERY long time.

Saturday Night:
If you thought Friday was unreal, Saturday was bigger, louder and more rock and roll.  Two Words:

That's right...  White Iron was tasked with getting the crowd gathered at Somerset Amphitheater amped up for what is arguably the most recognizable southern rock band on the planet and if WIB does anything well that is it.  Possibly less well known across the border than they are here in MN, it took a couple songs for people to get the itch to move, but as usual WIB set the stage on fire.  

Once the crowd had been worked into a WIB induced frenzy, it was time for some down home southern rock gods.  With legends like this on stage, the somewhat older crowd was rocking out like it was 1979.  Even the passing rain storm did little to deter the show.

As a fan of the White Iron Band, you really couldn't have asked more from a weekend of music.  We got a little bit of everything in their arsenal, and had the chance to see musicians with more history and pedigree than most could ever dream of. Let's all hope there is more where this came from.

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