Phantogram at First Avenue [10/10/13] - Review

11:13 AM

Just days after releasing their new EP "Black Out Days", Phantogram dropped by Minneapolis to play a show for a Sold Out First Avenue last night.  Being a fan since their debut album "Eyelid Movies" and having caught their show last time through town , I was excited to see them again.

The show started off really slow.  I know audiences here in MN aren't known for being crazy, but this was about as stoic and underwhelmed a packed First Ave as I had ever seen.  After a handful of songs the duo of Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter dug into their archives and dropped "Mouthful of Diamonds" on the crowd which seemed to zap some life into everyone, and the once melancholy audience was now rocking the roof off the place.  

Tracks off the new EP were well received, with "Black Out Days" setting the tone for the next hour.  From there they went on to close out their set with a pounding rendition of "When I'm Small" which reminded any Phantogram fan what made them love this band in the first place.  Synth heavy rock with a thumping bass beat and a style imitated but never quite duplicated.  Barely leaving the stage, they returned for their encore to a frenzied light show and the track "Celebrate Nothing" off the new EP.  They wrapped up the show with "Futuristic Casket" leaving little doubt that they just love to rock hard.  

They may not be very chatty from stage, but Sarah did give the fans a "Thank You Minneapolis, We love it here"...  Well Sarah, We (I) love you guys too, please come back soon!

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