4ontheFloor live at The House of Rock - Review

12:34 PM

Last Saturday night, we had the chance to catch a show at the House of Rock in Eau Claire, WI.  Savannah Smith and The Ditchrunners opened for 4ontheFloor, and it was a pretty sweet line-up.

4otF getting set up at House of Rock Eau Claire.
One may ask themselves, can you say anything bad about 4otf?  My answer is "no"!  Once again they put on a foot stomping steller performance. They seem to always impress with there different takes on songs that everyone knows. 4otf is always solid and the bands that open don't hurt either, I would suggest a getting a ticket to their next show and try it out for yourself.

One of the best parts of the local music scene, is the "local" part.  Most performers are normal folks having a good time, just like the rest of us.  I happened across the drummer of 4otf and had a conversation about MN Underground and what we are trying to accomplish. The video that I often show my friends is them filming Junkie at The Current studios in Minneapolis, he told me that it is a bad example of them in concert, my opinion differs. We proceed to argue about the Packers current lucky streak with good quarterbacks and the Vikings struggle to find one. I will delve no further into that subject. All in all, the fact that the band members mingle with the crowd before there show is a prime example of why everyone who can should give the local bars a shot. You never know who you can meet.

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