It's Drinksgiving...

9:23 AM

Friends and family from all over come home for Thanksgiving.  You get to see people you haven't seen in years (sometimes that's just the way you like it).  The night before thanksgiving is notoriously a busy night at the local pub. Every bar in town is crammed to the gills and you just don't know what to do.  For the last (I'm not sure how many) years, our crew has been at the same party, DRINKSGIVING!

Famous Dave's in Calhoun Square Uptown plays host to a party unlike anything you will find at your neighborhood drinking hole.  From 8pm 'til 2am, you get great music and the drinks are flowing.  The opening bands change from year to year, but one thing remains constant, White Iron Band closes out the show and they enjoy this show as much as anyone.  If you are unfamiliar with WIB, they are a uniquely Minnesota version of hillbilly rock.  In their own words they are a "high-energy renegade American roots band specializing in foot-stomping, forget-what-troubles-ya music"  Minnesota Pride radiates from the stage and a version of Rock with a Country twist gets even the most stoic Scandinavians on their feet.  You can't help but love these guys.  

Each year the crowd at Drinksgiving is a little different and a little bigger.  The place was absolutely packed this year with not a seat in the house from about 9:30 on.  Making your way to the bar could be a bit of a challenge, but Bud and PBR tall boys could be obtained from a number of locations for quick refills.  

So, if you have to entertain family next year (and maybe looking for a place a little too loud for hours of converstion) look no further.  It will be the best $8 you spend all year.

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