Monster Jam - Minneapolis, MN

3:00 PM

In sharp contrast to the fluffy hearts and fragrant roses of Valentines day just the day before, February 15th was a day filled with mountains of steel and the aroma of exhaust.  Monster Jam returned to US Bank Stadium and it was, as always, a motorhead's favorite holiday.  

With an array of the biggest names in Monster Trucks in attendance, a course littered with crazy obstacles and massive jumps launching trucks into the air.  Backflips happened.  One even came to rest nose first into the top of one of the jumps, having not quite made the rotation.

There's a reason the Monster Jam organizers block off the first dozen or so rows from the course.  Debris flies from the track, pieces of broken truck can hurl into the crowd...  and occasional a whole truck tries to pull up a seat to enjoy the show with the rest of us.

US Bank Stadium makes for a great home for the Minnesota stops for Monster Jam.  A fantastic reprieve from the frigid temps outside in February.  Until next time giant machines of destruction. 

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