Keller William Live at The Cedar Cultural Center

12:04 PM

On the heals of the release of two new albums "Sync" a acoustic dance ensemble and "Raw" a new solo release , Keller Williams will be back in Minneapolis at the Cedar this coming Saturday 2/11.

If you are unfamiliar with Keller, you're really missing out.  From his creative collaborations with some of the world's most talented and eclectic artists to his "one-man-band" jam sessions, he has a vast body of work that truly has something for everyone.

Sync is the first studio album from the Keller's group KWathro, a blend of reggae, folk, jazz and dance that will have you on your feet for sure.  

For an evening of truly unique tunes, hit up Keller and his brand of unique, funky and fun.  You simply won't be disappointed

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