The Cure @ Xcel Energy Center

9:51 AM

It had been 20+ years since The Cure had visited Minnesota, far too long for what proved to be an audience of true fans.  Ticket sales outstripped initial expectations so much so that they reconfigured the seating arrangement not once but twice.  With over 12,000 in attendance, it was clear that there is a strong fan-base here.

As the crowd funneled in and found their spots around the Xcel, The Twilight Sad took the stage.  A Scottish band with a moody pop rock sound, they were definitely had soul behind the music.

Once on stage, there was zero doubt that front-man Robert Smith hadn't lost a thing since their last visit.  The Cure obviously realized who their audience was and spent the bulk of the evening playing earlier work, only sprinkling in newer tracks sporadically.  

Playing a 3+ hour set, 35 songs and a mind boggling 4 encores, they left little doubt that they still have what it takes to rock with the best of them.  

Still comprised of long-time members, the sound of the band hasn't changed much over the years.  With Simon Gallup on the bass, he was a familiar face and his talents were unmistakable again last night.  

A new(er) member of the band, Reeves Gabrels brings his guitar skills front and center on many of the night's songs.  A long time member of David Bowie's bands, Gabrels has plenty of pedigree and talent.  

More than once we heard comments from audience members about how fantastic they sounded.  A couple of people even wondering if they were lip-syncing from a recording.  They obviously weren't, but it was a testament to the quality of their performance and the sound in the Xcel center last night.

Was it worth a 20 year wait to have The Cure back in Minnesota?  Absolutely!  We just hope they do it again far sooner than another 20 years from now.

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