Galactic and Bombino at First Avenue

10:20 AM

Saturday we had the pleasure of seeing NOLA's funk band Galactic kill First Ave yet again, however there was lots of talk of the opening band around the room. People were blown away by Bombino, who has a Santana vibe to his music! 

I found this description on the First Ave page which speaks about his new album Azel, "Fans of Bombino and Tuareg music in general will notice a few remarkable innovations on this album. The first is the introduction of a new style Bombino is pioneering what he affectionately calls ‘Tuareggae’ – a sunny blend of Tuareg blues/rock with reggae one-drop and bounce.

Another is the first-ever use of Western vocal harmonies in recorded Tuareg music, (due to Longstreth’s influence) which give the songs new depth and color. Finally, the band behind him is tighter and more energetic than ever before. The result is Bombino's best, most well-rounded, and groundbreaking album to date: Azel." I highly suggest you give it a listen. You will not be disappointed.

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