Song of the Week - Tracy Chapman - "Give Me One Reason" - Manic Focus Remix

2:55 PM

Growing up in the 90's Tracy Chapman made regular appearances on our stereo while cruising around with my parents on the boat. I've been a big fan of this song among others since then.
Manic Focus has been on my radar for a few years now, from his take on "Trampled By Turtles" to his newest release we at MN Underground appreciate the work he his putting in. A local act he is sure to impress if you get the chance to see him.

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This newest track shows the talent he has, with the original track showing through enough that it still brings back childhood memories. Then he brings that funky fresh rhythm and sound that turned me on to him in the first place. One minute childhood comes rushing back then BAM I'm so into it that I forget that I'm in traffic and getting stared at. Funk you is what I got to say.

Sit back, listen and let it take you for a ride.

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