Helena at REV Minneapolis

2:51 PM


Taking over REV Ultra Lounge on Friday night is DJ Helena.  Born in the UK and raised in Australia, her accent is as vexing as her looks, to make matters even more intoxicating, the girl drops some sick beats.  Rolling our hard charging, progressive, electro house tracks that ignite audiences wherever she plays.  With an upcoming residency at Dria's Beach club and Nightclub in Vegas and playing the main stage at Ultra Music Festival in 2013, she is no stranger to a giant crowd.  REV, on the other hand, is your opportunity to see her tear a smaller more intimate venue to shreds.  

Snag tickets for only $5 or call 612.455.6115 for VIP Bottle Service.

Helena's latest track "Levity" just dropped less than a month ago.  Here is a little teaser she has up on Soundcloud to give you an idea of what she's got up her sleeve.  

Here is a pretty cool video of here hosting a "Live Fan Hangout" where she is chatting about her tour and whatnot...

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