New Orleans Suspects w/ members of Little Feat - Tomorrow Night 11/2

4:15 PM

Tomorrow night at the Cabooze, something special is happening...  The 28th Annual DAD’s Ball will feature Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett, the guitarists from Little Feat, and the New Orleans Suspects at the Cabooze on Saturday, November 2nd. This event will feature three sets of music with the 3rd Set featuring Paul, Fred and the Suspects playing songs from the Little Feat catalog. Insider info tells me there should be some very cool song selections that these guys have not played together before.

Reggie Scanlan just posted this to his Facebok page recently:

The New Orleans Suspects have been rehearsing for the last two weeks for the upcoming shows with Paul and Fred from Little Feat ...  In addition to a bunch of surprise covers we have ready for you, we have got these Little Feat tunes in really good shape. I think everyone is going to love it.

*Dixie Chicken
*Spanish Moon
*Two Trains Running
*Fat Man in the Bathtub
*Down on the Farm
*Skin it Back
*Rocket in My Pocket
*On Your Way Down
Plus lots more from the New Orleans Songbook.....

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