Prince is hosting party at Paisley Park this Saturday Night!!!

9:06 AM

Prince is opening the gates to his Chanhassen estate, Paisley Park, to the public.  I'm not sure when the last time it was that Prince let us common folks on the grounds, but it seems like it's been quite a while.  Consider this an official re-introduction party for the New Power Generation.

by Amy Nelson
In addition to a performance by the New Power Generation, you can expect to see Prince along with the all female trio 3rd Eye Girl.  This will bring a funky-raw flavor to the evening with their harder rock riffs and Prince sitting in on the vocals.  It definitely evokes a Purple Rain era prince with a punk-pop flavor, in my opinion.  Rumor has it that 3rd Eye Girl has been collaborating with Janelle Monae lately and without a current tour seeing her wander up on stage is a very real possibility.

Prince, the New Power Generation, & 3rdEyeGirl at Paisley Park. 
$50 donation at the door. NO ADVANCE TICKETS. 
Doors at 9 p.m., Saturday, October 5. 
Paisley Park Studios, 7801 Audubon Rd., Chanhassen. 
No alcoholic drinks allowed, no cell phones, no cameras, no reentry. 
Update: Limited parking on-site, and traffic will be directed to overflow lots once it fills.

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