The 4onthefloor with General B and the Wiz - review [9/14/13]

8:47 AM

Residing in Eau Claire, WI doesn't offer the large array of musical genres that the twin cities can, that doesn't mean we don't try. Keeping a close eye on who comes through town is fairly easy when the only venue I truly enjoy is the The House of Rock. When The 4onthefloor comes through it's a fairly large ordeal in my books and this time was no different.

This being the fourth time seeing 4onthefloor it had to be special, and they didn't disappoint. Going to the show not knowing who was opening for them is how it always goes. Never being let down before, I would say this was one of the better opening acts. General B and the Wiz introduced themselves in the crowd before they went on stage and mingled with their friends. Not knowing what to expect as they set up their equipment I saw all the musical instruments I enjoy: with guitars, keyboards and sound boards how can you go wrong? Mixing amazing original material with covers that allow for them to truly show their musical talents they set the tone for the rest of the evening. "The Ocean" by Led Zeppelin being the song that definitely got my attention, the crowd knew they were in for a great show. With the ability of the band members to simply look at each other and without missing a beat, create so many wonderful sounds that come together in a fusion of blues and psych rock. They describe it best on their Facebook page, "we have a weird name and play weird music" With a new EP due out this October and closing with their new single "Love You Year Round", they had surprised and gained multiple new fans.

What can be said about 4onthefloor that hasn't been said before. The Minneapolis based quartet have never failed to put on an amazing show. Standing front and center, receiving the sound they have directly off the stage this was the most memorable. Entering the stage they have a presence that demands attention. With four bass drums pounding to the beat, you can't help but feel it in your chest. Breaking a string on his guitar within five minutes Gabriel never missed a beat. Picking up the spare between songs they continued to play one song after the other. They played multiple songs off their newest release, "The Spirit of Minneapolis" , my favorite being, "King of the Jungle". Songs ranging from their first EP to the latest CD you can't help but enjoy every minute of it. The energy the band gives is absorbed by the crowd and returned in a fashion that they refer to as "stomping", with the crowd pounding their feet along with the drums the entire venue erupted with cheers for more.

This being such a small venue the band members come talk to the crowd after the performance, I spoke with multiple members of General B and the Wiz and continued my earlier conversation with the drummer of 4otf about the Vikings inability to draft a proper quarterback. He remembered the encounter from last time they came through town. If anyone gets a chance to see either of these bands don't hesitate for a moment to go. If its a small venue, even better you always have the chance to interact with band member and might even get a few autographs.

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