Bob Dylan releases ENTIRE music collection box set.

11:52 AM

Any Bob Dylan fans out there???  Yeah, me too.  If your Dylan collection leaves a little something to be desired, then here is your chance to not only fill in the blanks, but to own the ultimate Bob Dylan archive.  Dubbed the "Bob Dylan Complete Album Collection Vol. 1"

If you are "Old School" and want the CD's, for $255.50 you can have all 35 studio albums, 6 live albums and a double disc called side tracks containing miscellaneous  tracks not found on any of the other 40 some odd CDs in the box set.


For me, the harmonica shaped USB drive is the ticket.  I mean really, how freaking cool is this thing.  Coming in at a measly $319.98, its a steal and will be available on November 15th.

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