4 on the Floor @ First Avenue 4/6/13 - Review

7:25 AM

4 on the Floor has been on my "Super Short List" of bands to see for I can't even tell you how long.  It seemed like every time they played in or around the Twin Cities, something inevitably got in the way.  Well, my waiting finally came to an end last Saturday night at First Ave.

It was the second of two "CD Release Parties" for 4otF's new album "Spirit of Minneapolis".  This time around though, they sold out First Avenue (they have gone 4/4 on sell-outs at 1st Ave), had The Evening Rig, Wishbook and Trapper Schoepp & the Shades all opened. If that wasn't enough Surly Brewing Company released their new West Coast IPA called Overrated, and it was anything but.  The stars all lined up for it to be one heck of an evening.

From the very first song, the energy in the room was infectious.  If you were looking for a place to sit, there were plenty because every single person in the place was on their feet.  Who want's to sit when you have 4 bass drums pounding and three guys tearing up their guitars???

To get things started they busted out a few of their more recognizable songs, and it was obviously appreciated.  Heart pounding versions of "Stand Off" and "Junkie" set a tone for the evening that these giuys were ready to party, and they were not alone.

Throw in a solid lighting show and a smoke effect that I had never seen before and you had a rock performance worthy of the title.  Giant smoke rings generated from the back of the stage soared over the heads of the crowd on the floor.  Not a sole in the audience could resist the temptation to reach up and try to grab them as they floated overhead.

Paying respect to their hometown, and sending a little love to the crowd, frontman Gabriel Douglas spent some quality time talking to the crowd and thanking their fans for all their support.  Beyond the verbal thank you, the encore songs were the frosting on the proverbial cake. It was impossible to leave First Ave without a smile on your face.  From a first timer at a 4otF show, I say Thank you right back.  It was one of the best shows I have seen in quite a while...

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