Boys 'N the Barrels & Down Low at House of Rock Eau Claire WI - Review

9:59 AM

Boy's N The Barrels and Down Low shared the stage at The House of Rock in Eau Claire recently and the array of talent on display could only be found on the local circuit. The two bands shared the stage alternating two sets each.

Boys 'N the Barrels kicking off the first set.
The Boy's opened with a set that set the evening mood. With a mellow tempo and a flourish at the finish. They played some new jams off there upcoming record and some old favorites. This is my first time experiencing them in concert and I wasn't disappointed. 

Down Low came on next with a mix of funk, rock, blues and reggae. It was a sight to behold. They continued to lift the crowds energy until their set was complete. 

Boy's came out next and started where Down Low left off. This set was more up tempo and contained more of their new songs. I would go so far to say that the atmosphere can't be described in words. It felt as though both bands were building towards a grand finale and did they deliver. 

Down Low's next set contained almost each member of the Boy's playing to there strength in an awesome collaboration of talents. It was one of the best show's to date. The wide variety of genres that were explored is something everyone has to see once if not enjoy on a regular basis.

I had a conversation with a few of the band members about MN underground and our mission. I tried to gain access between sets and ask them a few questions but that opportunity failed to materialize. All in all it was a successful night of spreading the word and of course enjoying great live music. If you have the opportunity to see either of these bands don't be afraid to go somewhere unfamiliar and enjoy the spectacle that will be seen.

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